Buying a house anywhere in the world is a very important experience in the lives of most people. In particular, buying a property on the Costa del Sol, whether for a relocation or buying a second home, or for investment, it is often a reward from the work and achievements of a lifetime.


Buying a property in Spain is easy, safe and simple, as long as the correct steps are followed.

All properties in Spain are listed in a public record called “Registro de la Propiedad”, that informs about everything related to it: all data, status, legalities, ownership, debts, pending liabilities... When requesting an updated report, called "Nota Simple" we have the current legal, administrative and financial situation of the property. Also, we check about the status regarding taxes, community fees, electricity/water bills, etc. It is again verified and updated by your legal representative, along with contractual, legal, tax, administrative, financial and personal matters. Lastly, at the time of signing the deed in front of the Notary Public, such information is updated and verified again by the Notary, and incorporated in the title deed. It is therefore very difficult for something to go wrong when buying a property in Spain. Certainly impossible when dealing with the right professionals!


We will guide you through each of the stages of the investment process, before, during and after, by simplifying matters and avoiding mistakes and basically making everything go smoothly.


Wherever you go in the world, when you move to a new place or just buy a holiday home, you are embarking on an adventure that, at times, may seem like a real challenge.


Knowing the right people, finding the right professionals or getting familiar with local places and habits in an easy going, agile and fun way, are things that will facilitate a process of change that we believe, above all, you have to enjoy.


From this perspective, we will help you and guide you through the entire purchase or rental process. We will look for solutions to every situation that may appear: choice of area and property, legal and administrative matters, domestic and personal questions.