In a global and diversified market, choosing the agent that will manage the sale of your property is a key decision. Whoever you choose should be a qualified, agile and effective professional. That is exactly what we demand from our agents, so we will advise you with all our knowledge and experience to maximize the sale of your property.


Our first task will be to provide you with professional advice and guidance. Once the terms are agreed, we will list your property, correctly, effectively and attractively. Next, we will find a new owner who buys at market value within a reasonable time.


To achieve our sales objective, the property must stand out in terms of presentation, available information and photographic content. Of course, with the support of a proactive sales platform, a optimized marketing program and the sales and negotiation skills required to close the deal under the best conditions.


During our visit we will provide:


  • free valuation and expertise of the property;;
  • market analysis to determine the correct value of your property and the best presentation approach;
  • comprehensive, accurate and attractive description of the details and particulars of the property;
  • professional presentation and pictorial content;
  • regular monitoring and progress report;
  • advice regarding legal, administrative, technical and financial matters;
  • managing the “CEE” certificate, if required.


To achieve our objectives, we have:


  • online presence through our website and associated websites, both national and worldwide;
  • presence and marketing through social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin;
  • for sale panels when appropriate;
  • advertising in magazines and newspapers, local and international;
  • direct marketing through mail and mailings to our contacts and clients database;
  • property display;
  • local events and sponsorships;
  • sophisticated CRM for property tracking and matching with automatic responsive action;
  • cooperation with other agencies, both local and international
  • mls membership, allowing reciprocal access to more than 450 agencies on the Costa del Sol.


And, last but not least, we will also need your help. A property viewing involves: looking, listening, smelling and touching. The first impression is the most important so, your property, needs to look at its best!